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Auto Insurance in Texas

On the road, you've most likely been involved in a vehicle accident. Maybe it was nothing major, just a fender bender. No matter how small the accident, Texas law states that all Texan drivers are required to pay for the damages they caused. Bad luck can strike the best of drivers; without liability auto insurance, a minor accident can lead to major consequences. Under the Texas Driver Responsibility Program, drivers convicted of not having legal auto insurance are fined an annual surcharge for up to 3 years, plus having to pay out-of-pocket for damages. Driving without insurance potentially leads to loss of driving privileges. Our independent insurance agents at The Policy Source, LLC offer a number of insurance plans designed to meet your specialized needs, ensuring you're getting the best coverage for your money's worth.

Accidents are simply a risk of being on the road. You shouldn't have to fall into financial difficulty recovering from an accident. That's why we compare and contrast different auto insurances that will best help you recover from an accident, all without draining your bank account. Our Austin, TX auto insurance agents are ready to understand and analyze your unique situation to help you find the perfect insurance coverage within your price range. They will provide insurance quotes from numerous insurance companies and answer all your questions and concerns. Our agents ensure all legal requirements are stringently met.

Crashes without insurance can irrevocably cause you financial devastation. Under the Texas Financial Responsibility law, insurance protects you against loss where you are at-fault by paying a minimum of $30,000 in the case where one person is harmed, $60,000 where two people are harmed and $25,000 in the case of injury or property damage.

Call our Austin, TX auto insurance agents for a free quote today! The Policy Source, LLC independent insurance agents help match you to your dream auto insurance plan, so you and your wallet can rest easy!

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