Benefits of Having Full Coverage

When talking about auto insurance in Austin, TX, we have all heard the term full coverage.  What is it though?  In all actuality, it isn’t really a coverage by itself.  It is merely a phrase that is used to talk about a few coverage options that give you a good deal of protection in case something happens to your vehicle.  This can include liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage.

Liability is what will be used to pay for any sort of damages that you cause if you are the at-fault party in an accident.  Collision and comprehensive coverage are what will help you cover the cost or repairing or replacing your vehicle.

While this is a robust package full of protection, it still might not provide you with everything that you need.  This is why the term full coverage can often be misleading.

What it Might not Cover

Auto insurance companies typically offer other types of coverage that do not fall inside the domain of full coverage and it is worth considering many of them.  These can include things like:

  • Medical coverage – which can assist in paying for medical expenses for both you and your passengers when you are in an accident
  • Underinsured/uninsured motorist – this assists in paying for bills that should have been paid for by the other party’s insurance but weren’t because they might have low limits or no insurance at all
  • Rental car – if you have a covered accident and need a rental car until your car is repaired or replaced, this can cover those expenses

Even though full coverage does give you good protection when it comes to liability and protecting your vehicle, you might still have some out of pocket expenses after you are involved in an accident.  Each state have different insurance laws so it is important that you call The Policy Source Insurance in Austin, TX so that we can give you the specific details for your specific circumstances.