Why You Need Flood Insurance in Austin, TX

Did you know that flood damage is not covered under most home insurance policies? Do you know if your homeowner’s insurance policy covers flooding?  If your answer is that it doesn’t matter because you live in Austin and not LA, think again.  Austin, TX actually has a history of suffering from floods, with one of the worst occurring in the summer of 1869.  When the Colorado river swells, properties in Austin TX can succumb to flooding.  

But there are other ways your property could get flooded.  Pipes could burst or the babysitter could leave the tub faucet on and forget. While these scenarios may all seem far-fetched, the truth is that insurance exists for the far-fetched. It exists because the Colorado river is known to burst her banks and because flooding is a reality, even if you live in Texas.

The results of flooding are typically disastrous.  Water gets into every crevice and crack. It never stops moving, always seeping and expanding, getting as much wet as it possibly can.  Property damage from flooding can reach exorbitant amounts of money when you add everything together; your home and furniture ruined, your business devastated by flood damage, your sentimental possessions destroyed.  

By having flood insurance, however, you are preparing for the just in case scenario that can happen to anyone in Austin, TX.  That’s why at The Policy Source we can help you find the best flood insurance for your property at the best price.  Our friendly, reputable agents are standing by to answer all of your questions, help you compare quotes, and help you find ways to save money on your policy. To speak with an agent today, call The Policy Source at 512-956-7720.