Tips to prepare your motorcycle for winter

As the weather gets chillier and winter continues here in the Austin, TX area, it’s vital to ensure your motorcycle is ready for the cold months ahead. Here are some tips from us at The Policy Source to help you prepare your bike for winter: 

  1. Change the Oil – Changing your oil regularly is essential in keeping your motorcycle healthy, but it’s even more important during the colder months. Colder temperatures can cause oil to become thicker, which can cause strain on engine components. Make sure you use good quality motorcycle oil that’s designed for cold-weather conditions.
  2. Check Battery – Cold weather can be hard on batteries, so it’s always a good idea to check the condition of yours before winter arrives. Make sure all connections are tight and clean and check the fluid levels in wet cell batteries regularly. If needed, consider investing in a battery tender or charger to keep it maintained over the winter months.
  3. Grease Moving Parts – Lubricating moving parts such as cables, levers, and hinges will help protect them from corrosion caused by dampness and moisture buildup during wintertime. A light-duty lubricant will do the trick here. 
  4. Top-Off Fluids – Before putting your bike away for winter, ensure all fluids are topped off and fresh (engine coolant, brake fluid, etc.). This will help prevent damage from freezing temperatures and provide extra protection against corrosive materials like road salt that may get into these systems during storage periods. 

By following these simple tips, you can rest assured that your motorcycle is ready for whatever challenges winter throws its way! For more tips, call us at The Policy Source today. We serve the Austin, TX area.