5 Ways to Possibly Save on Motorhome Insurance Rates

Motorhome (or RV) insurance is critical to enjoying your time traveling around this incredible country. Like automobile, homeowner’s, and even health insurance, it can take a bite out of your monthly income.

This is one reason people tend to avoid the more important components of an insurance policy -such as comprehensive- when they need motorhome coverage. Here are 5 ways the average motorhome insurance policyholder may actually save on their rates.

1. Shop for an RV with Insurance in Mind.

If you haven’t yet purchased a motorhome, consider the type of vehicle, the class, size, and other factors. Just as an expensive sports car will generally have higher insurance premiums compared to a basic sedan, the type of motorhome you drive will impact policy rates.

2. Increase the Deductible.

The deductible is the amount of money you would have to pay out-of-pocket before the insurance policy would cover any repairs. You can choose to increase the deductible to lower monthly premiums. Experiment with various deductibles and you may find the ideal coverage level for your budget.

3. Ask About Usage-Based Insurance.

If you only plan to use your motorhome a few times a year, there may be a provision to save money on insurance compared to those who live in their RVs.

4. Consider Paying Your Premium in Full.

Some insurance companies will offer discounts for those clients who pay their premium in full, rather than in monthly installments.

5. Improve Your Driving Record.

If you have speeding fines, accidents, or other moving violations on your driving record, focus on improved driving habits. While this won’t likely have an immediate effect on motorhome insurance rates, it will help in time.

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