Can You Get Renters Insurance if the Lease is in Your Roommate’s Name?

Can you still get renters insurance if you live in an apartment and the lease is in your roommate’s name? Or is renters insurance in Austin, TX only available to those with their names on the lease? The short answer is that you can get renters insurance even if the lease is not in your name. However, there are some key things to consider first.

The Benefits of Having Renters Insurance 

Before we dive deeper into whether or not you can get renters insurance when the lease isn’t in your name, let’s discuss why coverage is so important. There are so many benefits to having renters insurance! One of the main benefits of having a renter’s policy is that it will protect your personal property in case anything happens, such as theft or damage due to weather or fire. Renter’s insurance also includes liability coverage. If someone is hurt while visiting you, you’ll have insurance to cover their medical bills.

Can I Get Renters Insurance If The Lease Is Not In My Name? 

So now let’s answer the burning question – Yes! You can get renters insurance even if the lease is not in your name! At The Policy Source, an experienced agent will guide you through the necessary paperwork and forms needed to get renters insurance.

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At The Policy Source in Austin, TX, we understand how important it is for people living together as roommates or family members under one roof to have adequate protection from unforeseen events like theft or damage from natural disasters. Contact us today to help you get the renter’s insurance coverage you need.