I Use My Boat Commercially As Well As Recreationally – Is There a Difference in Insurance

There are different points of vulnerability if you use your boat for both recreational as well as commercial uses. It is a keen idea to be able to make money doing something you love. There are many people who make their living on the water engaged in various enterprises. 

Firstly it is important to understand fully where your vulnerability lies.  A commercial policy may be in order as well as your boating insurance policy. There is a vast difference in what you will need depending upon the type of enterprise you are engaged in from chartering your boat for tours through commercial fishing enterprises. Insurances become quite specific in how it can cover you and others as well as your property liability.

While the short answer is yes – there is a difference in insurance, the long answer involves a conversation with a professional. Speak with one of our agents today to make certain you have every facet of insurance that you need for both work and play .  

The Policy Source Specializes in Boat Insurance

No matter what your individual needs are in terms of your boating use – commercial or recreational. When next on land stop by our The Policy Source office is in Cedar Park TX in  Austin, TX. We look forward to assisting you with finding the most comprehensive and sound boat insurance policy for your needs.

We Go Beyond Boating – So Do You – Our Focus Is Protection

Your life includes boating but you have other insurance needs as well. The Policy Source can help you with all of your other insurance needs:

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