Do Casual Riders Need Motorcycle Insurance?

Some people use their motorcycle as their form of transportation. Others casually ride theirs, only pulling it out of the garage on occasion to go for a ride here and there. If you fall into the latter category, you may wonder if you need to carry motorcycle insurance on your bike at all times, since you only use the bike so sporadically. Here is some information that The Policy Source, serving the greater Austin, TX area, would like you to know about motorcycle insurance and casual riders.

Whether You Have to Carry Motorcycle Insurance at All Times

If you own a motorcycle, it is important that  you carry insurance on the bike at all times, regardless of whether you ride it often or not. 

Why You Need to Carry Motorcycle Insurance at All Times

In order to register a motorcycle, you are required to carry insurance on it. If you drop your insurance, the state you live in may revoke your registration. Additionally, insurance covers more than just your bike while it is being ridden. It can cover your bike if it is stolen or damaged while being stored. 

What You Can Do to Reduce Your Costs as a Casual Rider

If you are a casual motorcycle rider, it is important that you make this clear when obtaining a motorcycle insurance quote. Estimate how many miles you ride the bike each year and ask that this information be included in your quote. Those who ride their bikes fewer miles often pay less in insurance costs than those who ride frequently. 

If you are looking to buy a motorcycle insurance policy or make changes to an existing one, The Policy Source, serving Austin, TX would love to assist you. Call our offices today to discuss your insurance needs and to obtain an estimate for the right policy for you.