How do you add your teen to your auto policy?

When your child reaches their teen years, they earn some exciting firsts. Among these include attaining their learner’s permit and their driver’s license. You will need to either add them to your auto insurance through Austin, TX’s The Policy Source when they begin driving or you will need to purchase them a policy.

The Better Option

You can choose either option depending on your situation and needs. If your teen will drive one of the existing family cars, you should put them on your policy. They need the same level of coverage as the other drivers.

On the other hand, if you purchase a used car for your teen, it might be better to get them their own policy. That’s especially true if they would drive an older model vehicle that would not need comprehensive or collision coverage. If you could easily afford another used car and it would cost the same as the deductible or close to it, you should purchase liability and bodily injury insurance to cover the vehicle.

When to Purchase a Policy

You should tell your insurance agent when your teen obtains their learner’s permit. Your agent will let you know if you need to add them to the policy then or if you can wait until they obtain the actual license. This depends on your policy and the underwriter’s rules.

Contact Austin, TX’s The Policy Source for more information on this type of policy and other ways to protect your teen driver. You can better prepare them for driving by having them take a defensive driving course or a high school driver’s education course.