Dealing With a Pest Infestation

A homeowners insurance policy is primarily intended to protect the structure and restore it after certain types of damage. That can include fire, weather, accidents, and loss of value from damage. Also, such policies include a set amount for restoring personal property inside the Austin, TX home as well. However, homeowners insurance policies and pest infestations present an odd situation. Some pest situations can affect the structure, such as termites, for example. On the other hand, while irritating and needing an immediate response, many other pest infestation types have nothing to do with the structure and more to do with the homeowner’s responsibility to keep the home clean.

First, the homeowner has an obligation to do something right away when a pest infestation is found, according to the Policy Source. That means eradication and calling in a service to get rid of the pests adequately, so they don’t cause further damage. This is not the insurance provider’s responsibility.

Second, there may be damage found once the pests are removed, and the area cleared out. In most cases, a policy won’t cover such expenses for repair. There are limited instances, though, where it could be involved. For example, if termites have damaged a load-bearing beam in the home’s frame, and it has caused secondary damage to the home, the secondary damage may be covered but not the beam replacement. A lot depends on the actual language of the policy and the circumstances of the pest infestation. 

The expert insurance staff at the Policy Source can help parse between different situations and the most likely types of pest problems in Austin, TX and the surrounding areas. If you’re worried about a potential pest issue in the general region affecting your home, work with our agents to craft the right protection for your home.

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