What Natural Disasters Does My Texas Home Insurance Cover?

Although the weather in Austin, TX is pleasant, there are times when it goes a bit crazy. Thunderstorms, extreme heat, gusty winds, tornadoes, and the occasional ice storm can wreak havoc in the city. Furthermore, these conditions can cause damage to your home, which is where home insurance comes in handy. However, what natural disasters does it cover?

What is Covered?

According to The Policy Source, a typical home insurance policy covers damage related to wind, lightning, hail, and tornadoes. Fires resulting from a lightning strike or another natural situation are also covered under a standard policy. 

It’s best to review your home insurance paperwork to confirm your natural disaster coverage. If you don’t see something listed, reach out to your agent to see if it can be added to a home insurance policy. If not, ask if there’s a rider available to handle additional coverage. 

What is not Covered?

Natural floods, mudslides, and landslides aren’t covered in standard home insurance policies. These require the purchase of riders or additional insurance programs to increase your protection. In most cases, agencies don’t recommend them if you aren’t in an area prone to the conditions.

If you’re in an area of Austin, TX that sees regular floods or mudslides, you want to get the appropriate insurance. Finance companies won’t approve mortgages for homes in flood-prone areas unless you purchase a program. Make sure to contact your local government agency to determine if you’re home is in a flood plain.

No matter what policy you choose, make sure your home is sufficiently protected from paying for natural disasters. Contact the representatives at The Policy Source to get started.