Do You Need Year-Round RV Insurance Coverage?

At The Policy Source, we usually get this question from our Austin, TX clients: “Do I need RV insurance all year round, yet I use my RV seasonally?”  It’s a resounding yes. You must insure your RV all year through, even if your RV is stored in a secured facility. If you have been thinking about canceling your RV insurance during the off-season, you need to think again. You must maintain RV insurance all year for the reasons below:

It may be required

If a financial institution has financed your RV, they will require you to maintain your RV insurance all year through. Like you, the lender has vested interests in the RV and would like to be well-covered should calamities strike. If a loan secures your RV insurance, you must maintain RV insurance until you pay off the outstanding loan.

Risks don’t have an off-season.

While on the road, one of the most prominent risks is crashing with other motorists. However, now that your RV is parked in your garage, you are free from risks, right? You are mistaken. Yes, you might not be on the road, but risks can still strike. Risks like fire, vandalism, theft, and natural disasters can strike anytime, and that’s why you need RV insurance all through.

For peace of mind

You will never be at ease if you know your RV isn’t insured. Every time you might be thinking of the financial consequences should something happen to your RV. While life is full of things to worry about, the safety of your RV shouldn’t make the cut. Maintain your RV insurance all year through, and you don’t have to think about this and that happening to your investment.

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