Can a Visitor’s Actions Void Your Home Insurance?

Visitors to a home should be respectful of your property and courteous to your needs. If they aren’t – which many aren’t – you could have some serious problems. We at The Policy Source have seen Austin, TX area residents lose their policy because of the actions of their visitors.

Thankfully, it takes a lot for an insurer to void your policy. Most homeowners are never going to run into this possibility. However, avoided policy is possible and can be a very devastating circumstance. Most of the time, your policy will stay in action unless you perform one of the following actions:

  • Keeping your home vacant for 30 or more days
  • Not telling your insurer about major renovations
  • Creating a new home-based business
  • Doing illegal activities from your home
  • Improperly describing your property to an insurer

If you are avoiding these actions, your policy should stay in effect without a problem. However, a visitor could void your policy if they are performing illegal actions. For example, if a friend is renting another room and secretly selling drugs behind your back from your home, your policy could be voided.

This voiding might not seem fair but think of it from the perspective of the insurer. They believe that you should have knowledge of your guests’ behavior and make you liable for their actions. In this way, they can protect themselves and you by forcing you to avoid problematic visitors. After all, if a visitor is going to sell drugs out of your home, there is no telling what else they might be doing.

So if you are worried that the actions of another person could void your policy, don’t hesitate to contact us at The Policy Source. We have helped Austin, TX residents like you get the best possible policies and at prices that are as fair and reasonable as possible.