How to Customize Your Home Insurance to Fit Your Lifestyle

Your Austin, TX home, family, and lifestyle are all unique. Why should your home insurance look like everyone else’s? Here are some ways you can make your home insurance policy from the Policy Source better match your singular circumstances.

Review Your Deductible

Like any insurance policy, your home insurance deductible is the amount of money you’ll have to pay for repairs or replacements before your policy kicks in. This is one of the easiest yet most underrated ways of customizing your contract.

Choose a higher deductible if you need to save some extra cash from your periodic premiums. Choose a lower Deductible if your emergency savings are strong enough to help you navigate sudden storms.

Insure Your Business

When your home is also your office, insurance matters quickly get complicated. Your home insurance may not cover the equipment, products, or events that support your business activities. In a catastrophic event, you could lose both your home and your business without the proper coverage.

Add commercial insurance coverage to your protection package to keep your home business activities safe. Talk to our agents about insuring your business with commercial auto, liability, property, and other policies.

Protect All of Your Assets

Do you love collecting high-end jewelry, popular works of framed art, music, collectible toys and memorabilia, musical instruments, or any other items? Your collection represents a significant monetary investment. Are you sure your policy can cover the costs of replacing and repairing your special items as well as your everyday items? 

Your insurance agent can help you understand the limits of your policy coverage, then work with you to ensure your special items get all the protection they need too.

There are endless ways to make your Austin, TX area home insurance policy just as unique as you. Contact the friendly agents at the Policy Source for more help understanding your insurance options.