5 Common motorcycle claims in Austin, TX

Motorcycles offer freedom on the open road. But they also bring risk.

Accidents can happen when you least expect them. Although motorcycle insurance can better protect your interests, prevention and awareness is the best way to avoid serious injury.

The Policy Source wants to keep you safe on the roadways. Serving Austin, TX, the agency shares five common motorcycle claims.

Excessive speed

Motorcycles can hit high speeds quickly. Unfortunately, reckless driving is the primary cause of motorcycle-related deaths. Obey all posted speed limit signs. But, most importantly, reduce unnecessary risk by wearing proper safety gear, like helmets and reflective clothing.

Objects on roadway

Excessive speed makes seeing and avoiding obstacles difficult. If unnoticed, unexpected debris, like rocks or garbage, can lead to serious damage. The Policy Source reminds its clients to stay alert and vigilant at all times.

Distracted Driving

Awareness is always key. That’s why driving becomes more dangerous when you are distracted by cell phones, radios, and other electronics. But this isn’t just a tip for motorcycle riders. It applies to all motorists. Often, car drivers won’t spot motorcycles until it’s too late. 

Poor Weather Conditions

Even diligence can’t control the weather. Fog, high winds, and heavy rain can pop out of nowhere and reduce visibility. During these events, even the smallest distraction or error can be costly.

Improper Lane Switching 

At intersections, this causes the most motorcycle insurance claims. Improper left turns are the main culprit. Another issue is lane splitting. This happens when a motorcycle rider attempts to avoid traffic by driving between two lanes.

Contact an accident serving Austin, TX

All accidents are scary, but motorcycle collisions can be especially dangerous. For this reason, motorcycle insurance is critical. Serving Austin, TX, The Policy Source can make sure you’re covered. Call and schedule an appointment today.