Moving Beyond the Basics: Why Full Auto Insurance Coverage is Needed

In Texas, drivers are required by law to carry minimum liability insurance.  While this protects you if you cause an accident, it’s not enough coverage to financially protect your automobile.  While the lure of the low cost of minimum liability insurance is attractive, the amount of coverage that it provides is also limited.  At The Policy Source, serving the Austin, TX area, our agents can work with you to help you understand the auto insurance options that you have.  

When you are considering auto insurance, liability insurance is where most people start.  Know that liability insurance only pays for the repairs and medical expenses of the other person in an accident you caused.  It does not cover your repairs costs or medical expenses if you are injured.  Also, the policy will only pay out a certain amount.  If the injured person’s expenses exceed that amount or they decide to sue, you will be responsible for the overage.  For most people, this can be financially damaging.

Full coverage auto policies provide more protection for you.  Accidents happen every day.  The repair costs and medical costs associated with auto accidents, even minor ones, can be astronomical.  A comprehensive auto policy, however, will protect you financially every time that you hit the road.  At The Policy Source, agents spend time getting to know you and your family’s lifestyle.  Then they will outline your coverage options with the best prices available.  We know you’ll have questions and our agents are ready to answer them fully so that you understand the coverage you’re getting.  The website has information.  In the Austin, TX area, come by for more information and a quote.  The best time to get insurance is before you ever need it.